Air Fryer Bacon Crispy and Healthier

Air Fryer Bacon Is Mouthwatering – FACT.

We’ve all done this where we make bacon for breakfast and decide to cook all the pack because the leftover can be used in a salad for lunch. But midway through the morning, you’re back in the kitchen and notice the crisp, tasty bacon sitting there in the dish. You just cannot help yourself, break off the end of the rasher to nibble on…Click Here To Buy On Amazon


Are you crazed by bacon and strips too? From its smell to the taste, bacon has got everything! Naturally, you might want to try it out in your air fryer. If so, you do not need to think again. Go for it!

In fact, reviews have it that air fryer bacon has the kind of taste none else can match! What better way to have something delicious that does not even require much of your effort?


The Basics of a Bacon Strip

Did you know that bacon is also known as a meat candy? To start with, its basic composition involves pork with salt and natural smoke. Occasionally it might have added sugars or sweeteners to induce that specific taste. Small amounts of nitrates and nitrites are also present to protect its shelf-life.

The most common type of bacon that Americans are known to have for breakfast is from pork belly. But given all that, it will not be much of a surprise that bacon is not all that high nutrition table.

However, it is a great food for occasions. Its preparation is easy, which does not compromise the taste!


The Preparation of Air Fryer Bacon

You just read about air fryers using hot air as a replacement for oil and fat. As it is, bacon is packed with fat, and you do not need to add to that. So, might as well go for air fryer bacon!

The following recipe and preparation are also devoid of added calorie, oil, and fat content. Besides, you will not just be saving up on time but also considerable effort. This air fryer bacon will take just about twenty minutes of your time, plating included!

Not to conclude too soon, but preparing some air fryer bacon will also be much more beneficial for you. That being in comparison with deep frying some, or using an oven or a microwave. Without wasting another breath, let’s dive right into the recipe!

Required Ingredients

You will require an air fryer for the procedure. Further, depending on the size, you will be able to decide what kind of bacon you could fit into it. Usually, a pound (16 ounces) of bacon should suffice for six servings.

In case your air fryer cannot fit the whole stripes, you can simply fold them short. Else you can cut them into portions accordingly and cook in separate batches. Don’t get bothered about the taste being non-uniform. The convection mechanism will take care of it.

Lastly, you should keep some oven mittens and a pair of tongs with you for safety purposes. While that is not a requisite, it will help you to handle things without getting burnt!

Cooking Air Fryer Bacon

Firstly, you will need to preheat your air fryer to 200°C, which is 390°F. You can spot the right function and settings on the air fryer itself.

Next, go ahead and lay some of those bacon strips in the basket. As mentioned before, in case all single layers are not possible, overlapping should do.

Set the timer for seven to eight minutes. When you see that one side has changed its color and texture, pause and flip the strips.

Repeat the same procedure for another seven to eight minutes. In case your bacon does not look like crips, you can continue frying for another minute or so.

Finally, grab your oven mittens and pair of tongs and transfer the bacon onto a plate. Make sure you line your plate with some paper towels or napkins. It will soak up all the excess grease and fat off the bacon.

Your air fryer bacon is ready to serve!


Want a Healthier and Juicer Alternative?

If your air fryer allows it, pour about half an inch of water to its base. For this, you will initially have to check if its basket has holes. This will allow for the excess of grease and fat to drip through.

Depending on whether you want short or long bacon strips, you can either cut or overlap them. If you want many servings, you might have to get them done in separate batches.

Ideally, it would be great if you could avoid overlapping in this particular case. Since you will be using water for the air convection, your bacon might not be evenly cooked if overlapped.

Next up, set your air fryer to 175° or 350°F for about nine to ten minutes. You will see the bacon strips crisp and redden. Grab the mittens and tongs and pull the bacon out for plating!


Final Thoughts

A bacon strip is a slice of fairly greasy and oily meat. You will not have to deep fry it beyond the point to add to the fat content. In such a case, air fryer bacon is your best option! Not only does it have you sorted in ten to twenty minutes, but it also reduces your efforts.

Besides, if you go with the latter process of air fryer bacon, you will tone down on the unhealthy part. Without burning your bacon, make it as crispy as you possibly can. After all, the crispier the strips, the less greasy it will be.


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