Ceramic VS Non Stick Cookware

When it comes to finding the perfect cookware, we all want cookware which is handy and convenient. Frankly, one of the features that add to handiness is, of course, the non-stick feature. For non-stick cookware, we can choose ceramic or Teflon, commonly called non-stick. Although some manufacturers try to be creative and give fancier names to the coatings, these are marketing tricks. Keep on reading our comparison on ceramic cookware vs nonstick or Teflon to make the right decision.

First thoughts

There are only two coatings which offer non-stick features for cookware. Namely, you can choose between Teflon and ceramic. Both are great choices and your personal values and needs will be what will make the decision for you. For example, Teflon would be a greater choice if you are looking for cookware which guarantees durability. On the other hand, ceramic is more environmentally-friendly.

Before you buy your cookware of choice, we suggest reading our article on it, because it might be of help.

Things to know about Teflon

To put it in simple terms, as it is known commonly, Teflon or Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is what makes things non-sticky. It was discovered back in 1938 by Roy Plunkett in DuPont Co. Although it was here since 1930, it was used as a coating in pipework, medical catheters and as an industrial lubricant. Namely, manufacturers started applying it on cooking pans only after the year of 1950. This was done by a man named Mar Gregoire who by the wish of his wife, coated her cooking pans. However, after that time a lot of research has been made.

ceramic cookware vs nonstick

It was shown in several studies that when we use it at higher temperatures and above the recommended temperatures, it poses a risk. Namely, it can release gases and chemicals into the food and the environment too.

As a way of responding to this issue, a lot of manufacturers changed their way of applying Teflon to their pans. They improved the way it resists temperature and they improve the daily wear and tear.

What does this mean for users today? Well, basically you shouldn’t be scared. When you use it the way it is recommended and properly, the Teflon coated cookware is safe. However, you should cook your dishes on low to medium to be safe. Also, make sure not to preheat the pan when it has nothing in it.

Things to know about Ceramic

Ceramic, on the other hand, has some good and bad sides too. If you are wondering why nobody has replaced all Teflon with ceramic. Well, have in mind that it was discovered in the recent year and it is a fairly new invention.

ceramic cookware vs nonstick

The greatest thing about ceramics is the fact that they are free of PTFE and similar chemicals which can be associated with Teflon. So, if we compare them, we would get to the conclusion that they are more environmentally-safe and that they are safer for people’s health too.

However, one of the bad sides of ceramics is their longevity. If you get ceramic-coated cookware, you might find yourself a bit disappointed as it won’t last as much as you would like. Also, another disadvantage of ceramic cookware is the fact that the non-stick feature isn’t there to stay. Namely, it can wear off, especially if you allow oil build-up. This is because the more you wash it, the more you scrub off the ceramic coating and with that, you rub off the non-stick feature. Of course, this can be prevented by not using oil at all and clean it with soft cloth right after using it.


Of course, there are downsides to having either one of these two types of non-stick cookware, however, life without non-stick cookware can be a lot harder. For this reason, we suggest thinking it through and making an informed decision. Of course, that and buying from reliable manufacturers.

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