Dip For Sweet Potato Fries For Everyone To Enjoy

Easy To Make Dip For Sweet Potato Fries

Dip for sweet potato fries


Hello, fellow diver, today we will dive into the deep of dipping sauces. We have prepared for you the best ones from each taste. Hot chipotle dip, sweet honey mustard sauce, and creamy garlic dip. This trio would please any crowd.

Sweet potato fries dipping sauce: Tangy Chipotle Dip

This is for those who like a little heat, but feel free to increase the intensity to your own taste.


– One tablespoon lemon juice

– One chipotle pepper from a can of chipotles in adobo sauce

– One teaspoon salt

– One teaspoon roasted red chili powder

– Two teaspoons Kashmiri red chili powder

– One teaspoon smoked paprika

– One-half of a cup yogurt

– Half cup mayonnaise/homemade mayonnaise

– Mustard

– One teaspoon chopped garlic


The mayonnaise will start the parade.

Put an egg yolk in a bowl, add a small blab of olive oil, and whisk it well until the colors are changed. Then add more oil and whisk it, and repeat. When you get the color you want, combine it with mustard, salt, and lemon juice. Magnifique!

The homemade mayonnaise is done.

Blend it all in a small ball!

Now the dip is ready for potato divers!


Sauce for sweet potato fries: Creamy Garlic Dip

A delicious side for those who love garlic!


– Half a cup homemade cream cheese

– Half a cup mayonnaise

– One tablespoon soy sauce

– A garlic clove

– A little beat of dill


Let’s prepare a homemade cream cheese. We need one cup full-fat milk, one tablespoon lemon juice, and salt.

Begin by pouring milk into the saucepan, heat it up on medium. Stir it constantly until milk starts to simmer.

The next step is separating milk fat from liquid. Add a tablespoon lemon juice and continue stirring. You will see creamy curdles forming on the top, so you can turn off the heat.

Then force the cheese through the sieve and leave it for a few minutes.

Move the curds into the food processor and blend until it becomes homogenous, soft, and creamy. Add herbs and spices to your liking.

Your absolutely-magic and obviously-breathtaking cream cheese is done, and we are ready to move to the next phase.

Chop the dill finely, and squash the garlic using a garlic press.

This dip is easy to make.

Mix all you have in a bowl and make it deep with a piece of your soul!

Sweet dipping sauce for sweet potato fries: Honey Mustard Dip

This is a wonderful mix of sweetness and the little kick from the mustard.


– two tablespoons yellow mustard

– four tablespoons honey

– one tablespoon apple cider vinegar

– one teaspoon garlic powder

– a pinch of paprika

– one teaspoon salt

– one teaspoon pepper


The first and only step in making this dip is combining all ingredients together with the help of the Flow of Creation.

Sweet potatoes themselves are easy to make, and it can go as a side dish to practically anything.

Salty crunchiness on the outside and sweet delicacy inside gives this unremarkable flavor that I remember for days after they are gone.

And this memorable meal deserves a buddy who is able to add a final cord to this harmony of flavor. As any music should have a wide range of notes to be interesting as this dish must have a broad variety of tastes to uncover its true beauty. So I would recommend you to prepare all three of the dips I’ve hand-picked and tested for you to have the most profound and holistic experience.

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