Greenlife Pans Review

Cooking is an essential part of our everyday life. Which is why we should make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Everyone enjoys the tasty food, but no one is willing to get down and dirty when it comes to scrubbing off sticky leftover food from those pots and pans. That is why we have a product today that will save you time and energy while providing you with tasty meals. We’re talking about the GreenLife Soft Grip 16pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set. It is an affordable and highly durable set that will guarantee quality. If you are looking to replace your existing set, or are looking for a new one, then stick around and keep on reading our Greenlife pans review. As a bonus, you’ll see why it’s on the list of best cookware sets.

greenlife pans review

Unique feature

This set has an amazing technology called Thermolon. It is nonstick of course. This means their ceramic products are coated with Thermolon, making them durable, they conduct heat better and are safer to use on high temperatures.

Features and specifications

By getting the 16pc set you will get the following pieces:

  • 4-inch mini fry pan
  • 7-inch open fry pan
  • 5-inch open fry pan
  • 1 QT covered saucepan
  • 2 QT covered saucepan
  • 5 QT covered stockpot
  • 5 QT covered sauté pan
  • 7-inch stainless steel steamer
  • 4 kitchen utensils

Materials and design

The pots and pans in this set use aluminum with Thermolon for the cooking surfaces, along with a steel disk at the bottom, used for induction stove compatibility. Their cookware works well with electric and gas stoves as well. However, you should keep an eye on the temperature when cooking, don’t go past the medium because you risk causing damage the ceramic coating.

greenlife pans

It is also oven safe but in certain circumstances. Namely, depending on the options, this set is oven safe for up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The handles are heat resistant and are safe to use for up to 350 degrees of Fahrenheit. If you want to play it safe, we advise you to avoid putting any cookware with silicone handles in the oven. However this set has a few options of handles, some are more heat resistant than the others. Ones that are more resistant are safe to touch during normal cooking, but if you cross the line, eventually any handle can become too hot.

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Longevity is a common problem with non-sticking cookware. You are probably wondering how will the GreenLife set prove itself? Unfortunately, there isn’t that much data regarding this question, because these are fairly new products. But experts suggest that this ceramic cookware will need replacing if used for a year in everyday cooking.

As far as cleaning goes, this set is dishwasher safe. However, we recommend that you make sure other dishes and silverware are secured, to avoid scratching. Thermolon, unlike Teflon, can be easily cleaned using mild abrasives, take baking soda for example. We also recommend that you stick to hand washing, since it is really easy, just use some warm water and a normal detergent.

That being said, let’s make do a little head-to-head of pros and cons!


  • Affordable – These sets are made of steel and aluminum with a non-stick coat. That means they are light and cheaper when compared to the other on the market. Nickel or copper alternatives
  • Easy to clean (non-stick) – This set coated with Thermolon, which means it is ready to use right away. It is very easy to clean off leftover food from it with just a gentle touch
  • Even after the messiest cooking job, this cookware is really easy to clean
  • Safety – It is completely free of cadmium, PTFE, PFOA, and lead
  • More durable than Teflon – Thermolon is stronger and harder than Teflon. This means it will last longer in different types of cooking


  • Slightly fragile – They are made from ceramic, which can be fragile and you need to handle them with care to avoid damage. Which means no metal utensils
  • Once again, we advise you to be gentle and not scratch the surface, because if you do so, it will decay rapidly and you will need to look for a replacement cookware



Let’s get to know this material a little better. Thermolon is a non-stick coating.

Cleaning the ceramic pans and pots is extremely easy. You can do so by using warm water and soap. Follow the GreenLife cleaning and care instructions to extend the life of your pots. Avoid using the dishwasher. Dishwashers tend to be abrasive, which is the number one reason of damaged ceramic cookware.

Thermolon is very fragile, therefore avoid using any metal utensils to prevent scratches. Even though it is stronger than Teflon, it is still fragile.

Like every other non-stick coating cookware, this one has an expiration date as well. Maintenance, like cleaning, careful use and smart storage will extend the life of your cookware for a few years. But keep in mind that eventually, you will have to replace it. Especially if the coating is damaged.

green life cookware review

Thermolon also conducts heat better than its counterpart that is Teflon.

This cookware set is also free from PFTE, PFOA, cadmium, and lead. There are also no claims that it can release smoke or toxic gasses while cooking at high temperatures (like the case with Teflon). This is a really assuring fact, making your cooking safe.

The highest break point of Thermolon is about 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is about the same limit of Teflon also. However, Teflon can give you health concerns even before that point.

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Avoid sticking your cookware under the broiler, since you might exceed that previous limit quickly. Also leaving it on a gas stove set at high. This will cause irreparable damage to the Thermolon coating very quickly.


This GreenLife set of cookware is easy to use, non-stick, affordable and easy to clean. However, just like all the non-stick cookware out there on the market, it is fragile and delicate. Accept the fact that it will need to be replaced eventually even if you care for it. Bottom line Thermolon is safer and stronger than Teflon. Hope you enjoyed our review and got your desired information.

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