No Holds Barred Chefman Air Fryer Reviews

Our Impartial Chefman Air Fryer Reviews 


Chefman air fryers are fast gaining traction as excellent kitchen appliances that are affordable and deliver deliciously fried meals. You can find many models bundled with useful accessories or have advanced features without the high price tags that accompany competitor brands. 


In our Chefman air fryer reviews, we’ll be looking at some models that can cater to individuals and families. If you’re ready to stop second-guessing your decision to cook and eat crispy fried foods, let’s do this together.


How Do Chefman Air Fryers Work?


Chefman Air fryers use Rapid Hot Air Technology to cook your food. Hot air circulates the ingredients at high speed, heating the food on all sides, and cooking it evenly.


Won’t this dry the food? 


Deep frying food in hot oil does that and you end up with food that is dry and done on the outside but not properly cooked inside. The hot air cooks food inside and out without drying it, dishing out foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy/tender inside.


Some users add a little oil to enhance the flavor but avoid using too much as it will beat the purpose of air frying. 


Unlike traditional deep fryers, you won’t have the ‘dried food smell’ lingering in the air long after you’re done cooking. Plus, it doesn’t generate much heat, which can make the home uncomfortably hot, if you live in hot areas or have a small house.

Use, Cleaning, and Maintenance Tips


Before we jump into the Chefman air fryer reviews, we would like to share some tips to help you get the best out of your unit.


  • Avoid overloading the basket with ingredients as they may not cook evenly.
  • Smaller batches take a shorter time to cook compared to larger portions
  • For best results, remove the basket halfway through the cooking process, shake the food, then return it to the air fryer.
  • Frozen delicacies don’t require any oil to air fry
  • Don’t leave raw ingredients such as raw meat, fish, fruits, or vegetables in the air fryer for too long as they can spoil.
  • Always ensure that the air fryer has cooled down before attempting to clean it.
  • Never immerse the air fryer in water/liquids, rather use a paper towel or damp soft cloth to wipe down the exterior.
  • Place the fry basket and tray on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean them. If you choose to handwash, use hot soapy water and a non-abrasive material to wash the detachable accessories.
  • Ensure all parts are thoroughly dry before reassembly and storage


Chefman Air Fryer Reviews


We’ve now come to the fun part of this Chefman air fryer review where we get to sample some models and see what they offer.


1. Chefman 6.3qt Digital Air Fryer

A Multi-Function Air Fryer


This Chefman air fryer packs plenty of uses without the account-shocking price tag. It doubles as a digital air fryer, dehydrator, rotisserie, and convection oven. With its multipurpose function, you can use it to air fry, reheat, bake, rotisserie, or dehydrate your food. Your culinary skills and experiments just hit a new limitless level.


The unit is equipped with eight presets for popular foods including fries, chicken, fish, shrimp, meat, bake, rotisserie, and dehydrate. Plus, the unit comes with two cooking racks for increased cooking capacity, so you can have two pizzas going, or fries on one rack, and chicken wings on the other. 


The oven-style interior and rotisserie split can comfortably hold a whole chicken that weighs up to 5lb. It’s a fantastic way to make deliciously tender roast chicken. The manufacturer provides forks and a rotisserie retrieval tool to help you along.


With its polished gloss black plastic housing, and an LCD control panel with pale blue food icons, timer, and temperature settings, this air fryer looks very elegant. With a 6qt capacity, it’s ideal for large families, party hosts, or making large amounts of food. 


Many Chefman air fryer oven reviews appreciate the large window built into the door and the illuminating interior light that allows you to monitor your food as it turns into a mouthwatering delicacy. Overall, this multipurpose kitchen appliance is a fine way to showcase your culinary skills and experiment with new recipes.




  • Spacious 2-tier cooking capacity
  • Multipurpose use
  • Has a viewing window
  • Useful accessories included
  • BPA-free




  • Fitting a large chicken in the oven may be a challenge
  • The unit takes time to heat


2. Chefman 4.5qt Air Fryer

Best for Medium-Sized Families


There’s plenty to love about this air fryer, so I will start with its gorgeous looks. It comes in a black stainless steel housing that boasts enviable curves and angles along with a gleaming smooth finish that will up the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. 


This 4.5qt air fryer is ideal for a medium-sized family allowing you to prepare enough fries for three to five people or 4 chicken breasts. Its fry basket is optimized to offer more space allowing you to cook more food, or prepare separate dishes at go. So if you’re thinking about crisping your veggies, as your shrimp cooks, go right ahead.


Further, four presets have been programmed into this unit enabling you to prepare fries, meat, fish, and chicken at the touch of a button. You also customize the settings to suit your preference. The digital display looks sophisticated, is easy to use, and works smoothly.


It’s clearly marked with start and stop/cancel buttons, temperature, timer, adjustment and shake buttons. As a safety precaution, the digital controls will not come on unless the fry basket is fully pushed in.


The fry basket is dishwasher safe, which can be a real time saver. In case you choose to handwash the basket, soak in hot soapy water, and work with a soft sponge or cloth. Plus, the stainless steel exterior has the ‘cool touch’ feature that keeps the outside cool even as food is sizzling within, and it cleans easily with a piece of cloth.




  • Affordable
  • Can make a great gift
  • Great aesthetic appeal 
  • Includes a shake button for even cooking




  • User guide could be more detailed
  • No recipe book included


3. Chefman TurboFry 3.6qt Air Fryer

A table for Two


This sleek, cylindrically shaped air fryer with a matte black will look gorgeous in your chicken. It has a 3.6qt capacity and we recommend it for empty nesters, roommates, or people who live alone. 


Despite its compact size, you can fit up to six BBQ chicken drumsticks in it, which is pretty cool, right? And you can prepare a wide range of foods including mozzarella sticks, frozen veggies, desserts, and even reheat soggy leftovers to crispiness.  The unit comes with a helpful cookbook that you can experiment with.


The digital interface is easy to use and has a power button, temperature, and timer controls, and shows you the settings you’ve chosen. The maximum temperature setting on this unit is 400-degrees Fahrenheit, and it has a 60-minute timer which gives you ample time to cook your meals. Plus, there’s an auto-shutoff feature to ensure your food doesn’t overcook or dry out.


That said, there is no pause setting, so if you need to check your food mid-way, or if you think your food is ready, you must pull out the basket using its handle. Speaking of baskets, the basket on this unit sports a flat design ensuring that it holds up to 40 percent more food than conventional air fryer baskets.


Further, the fry basket is dishwasher safe, making the cleaning process easier. And if you choose to wash by hand, soak the basket in hot soapy water and use a soft sponge to remove the residue.




  • BPA-free
  • Looks sleek
  • Works fast
  • Budget-friendly price
  • The Fry basket is dishwasher safe




  • No pause settings


4. Chefman 6qt Manual Air Fryer

Best Manual Air Fryer


For those who are averse to digital interfaces and probably skip all Chefman digital air fryer reviews, we have a manual option for you. We chose the 6qt manual air fryer because of its bigger servings and compact size. 


In place of a digital panel, you have a knob that allows you to set or adjust the temperature or time to suit the food you’re preparing. It’s very easy to use, simply plug it in, place your ingredients in the basket, set the temperature and timer, and voila.  


In case you need to shake or flip the food midway, pull out the basket, shake, and push it back in. It doesn’t affect the settings. The temperature settings range between 175-400 degrees Fahrenheit and there is a 30-minute integrated timer with an auto shut-off. 


Whether you want to air fry pork chops, or fries, roast chicken, or bake delightful desserts, you have the settings to help facilitate fully cooked food with a desirable fried finish. 


The flat fry basket accommodates up to 40 percent more food and considering its 6qt capacity, you’ll be able to fit more food, reducing the time you’ll spend preparing meals.


Just like its digital cousin, this manual air fryer has a chic-looking glossy plastic exterior. It’s easy to clean as you only need a soft cloth to wipe it down. The fry basket can go into the dishwasher or hand-washed in hot soapy water with a soft sponge.




  • Large servings
  • Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Cool to touch exterior 




  • It may not be a good option for first-time users


5. Chefman 11.6qt  Auto-Stir Air Fryer

Extra Large Option


Smaller-sized air fryers sometimes require you to cook several rounds to satisfy everyone’s appetites. This 11.6qt is a fine option for large families or users who want to cook without space restrictions. From whole chickens or turkeys to pizzas and baked goods, you have ample space to feed more people at a go.


The air fryer uses dual heating elements to cook hastening the process. It boasts a “stir” feature that prompts the auto-stirring arm within the fryer to move the food for even cooking.  

This fantastic appliance is good for more than air frying.  


The spacious convection oven is perfect for baking or preparing chicken rotisserie held up by the provided wire chicken roasting rack. There is also a dehydration function to help you preserve all your favorite fruits. No more fruit flies messing up your kitchen’s atmosphere or rotting fruits in the trash. 


The unit comes with a capacitive touch screen that is uncluttered, clearly marked, and easy to use. And get this, a whopping 14 presets to choose from. With a wide range of cooking possibilities with no guesswork and a helpful cookbook, you’ll be bringing your A-game to the table. 


This multi-use kitchen appliance is housed in a steel body that looks sturdy and can be wiped down for a clean look. The accessories are dishwasher-safe and if you decide to hand wash them, then a good soak in hot soapy water and a sponge will do the job.




  • Spacious
  • 14 preset cooking options
  • Fast cooking
  • Auto-stir function
  • Durable steel construction




  • The drip tray can be difficult to remove


Chefman Air Fryer FAQs


  1. Is Chefman a good brand?


Chefman is an American-based company that manufactures small kitchen appliances including air fryers, deep fryers, pressure-cookers, and sandwich makers among other appliances. Their popularity has increased over the years because of the high-quality, innovative products they manufacture.


  1. Is Chefman a good air fryer?


Chefman air fryers are versatile appliances that use rapid air technology to prepare crispy foods with little to no oil. There are different models in varying capacities to meet different needs, with some models sporting advanced functions like rotisserie and dehydration. Here you can find both digital and analog units at affordable prices.


  1. What can you cook with a Chefman air fryer?


This versatile appliance can prepare appetizers, main courses,  desserts, and snacks. You can cook chicken, turkey, pork chops, steak, fish, shrimp, fries, vegetables, and desserts. Depending on the size of the air fryer, you can fit whole foods like pizzas or poultry.


  1. Can you fry eggs in an air fryer?


If you have a basket air fryer, you’ll need to find a pan that you can use in an air fryer. Those with an air fryer oven may have an easier time, as they can fry the egg on the air fryer. We recommend adding a little oil for a better finish.


  1. What can you not cook in an air fryer?


Certain ingredients end up drying out, burning, or making a mess when put in an air fryer. They include wet batter, fresh cheese, rice (and other grains) which require to be submerged in boiling water to cook. You can, however, boil the grains on a stove first, then brown them in an air fryer with a little oil.




This concludes our Chefman air fryer reviews, where we looked at some fantastic models that may prove invaluable in your kitchen. They are efficient, fast, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe.


Our most favorite model is the Chefman 6.3qt Digital Air Fryer. It has a spacious convection oven that can fit medium-sized poultry, or fit two trays of food, comes with dehydrator and rotisserie functions, and a view window. Plus, it looks sleek on the countertop.


What’s your favorite Chefman air fryer? Let us know in the comments.


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