Pizza Rolls Air Fryer Recipes Are Quick & Easy

Cooking Pizza Rolls In Air Fryer


No matter what the occasion or age group, you can hardly go wrong with pizza rolls. Not only are they flavor-bombs, but small enough to fit into one bite. These mini pizza packets are very easy to prepare, especially if you simply fry the frozen ones.

You must have them on multiple occasions and places too. And the taste changes from one to another, does it not? But to nail that perfectly uniform taste, you have got to make your pizza rolls in the air fryer! There is no other way you get that cheesy inside to ooze out as you bite on the crispy crust.

Call them what you prefer, pizza poppers, pizza rolls, pockets or bites. One thing they all have in common – TASTY & YUMMY!


The Basics of a Pizza Roll

Pizza rolls are also commonly referred to as hot pockets. It falls under the appetizer category of the food list.

The particular recipe and procedure that you will see will deliver up to four to six rolls per serving. In case you happen to be a conscious eater, that entails a calorie total of 210 kcal.



How to Make Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

You just read about the best part of using air fryers. Basically, you don’t have to use any amount of additional oil! And making pizza rolls in the air fryer is not any different to this either. The complete preparation will be without added calorie or fat content.

Moreover, you are not required to preheat your fryer in any way, which is an added advantage. It will save you a lot of calculations and time. Besides, pizza rolls take some seven to ten minutes for the whole process!

Combining these enticing factors, you will find that using air fryers is a lot more beneficial than anything else. Be it a deep fryer, or an oven, or even a microwave.

Required ‘Ingredients’

Your first requirement here is obviously an air fryer. Depending on the size of this machine, you need to buy a bag of frozen hot pockets or pizza rolls.


Cooking Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

Before beginning with the process, you need to ensure that the settings on the air fryer are reset. You will be cooking the pizza rolls at 380°F or 180°C.

There is nothing to worry about if you want to get these hot packets to a particular location. As mentioned previously, the complete procedure will take up a total of seven to ten minutes. Now, go on and place the pizza rolls in air fryer and shut the lid. Make sure that each hot packet is at a distance from the other. Then, you can hit start and let the air fryer do its magic.

You can also carry on with a little bit of multitasking, if any. The next time your dish will need your attention is at T-minus three minutes. It is when you will need to flip or shake the pizza rolls over. You can set a timer for the same so that it does not slip your mind.

When you hear the beeping, you know your pizza rolls in the air fryer are ready! If you have your oven mittens and a pair of tongs, you can plate the hot packets in a dish.


Want an Even Faster Alternative?

While it is unnecessary when you have the time, preheating your air fryer to 380 degrees will speed up the process. It allows you to evenly layer or stack up against your hot packets on one another. Worry not, each one will be evenly cooked.

Remember to keep the temperature at 380°F or 180°C itself. While the total process will take up to six minutes, you will need to shake the tray at three minutes. In case the air fryer is completely packed, you might need to give it an extra minute or so. As opposed to the previous procedure, you will be able to cook more pizza rolls in one go.

Then, grab your mittens and tongs and pull those hot packets out. Make sure to let them sit at room temperature for a minute or two. It will prevent you from burning your tongue and scorching your mouth.


How Will You Evenly Cook Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

As mentioned before, an air fryer is just like an oven in a much smaller size. That said, do not doubt its strength and power. Through this magical invention, you can roast and broil just as well as you can bake different types of food.

However, do not try and deep fry in it! You have plenty of deep fryers available in the market that will serve this purpose. In fact, differentiating an air fryer from a deep fryer is simple.

Now, what is convection cooking? Well, the simple process of heat rising and filling every spot up. The airflow closely replicates the kind of heat distribution that happens in deep-frying.


Final Thoughts

We loved doing our chicken wings in the air fryer, which you can read about here. Cooking pizza rolls in air fryer is a process that hardly anybody can go wrong with. You will end up saving a lot of time, energy, and effort. Besides, pizza rolls are liked by most of the people around you. Rather than using oil and frying it up, simply get your air fryer functioning!





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