Power Air Fryer Review

It is a well-known fact that foods that are rich in fat are bad for the health. However, we have a Power air fryer review which will change the way you think. Namely, this Power Airfryer XL review will change your whole perspective on healthy cooking and you will be able to include French fries as a part of your delicious yet healthy diet. Additionally, our Power airfryer review will show you which is one of the best appliances to achieve these results. Keep on reading to find why you need to switch from the traditional way of frying to air frying and why you should do it with the Power air fryer!

Healthy eating with the Power air fryer

We all like to spoil ourselves with fried food because it tastes good. However, we try to minimize the amount of this food because it is high in fats and it can increase our cholesterol levels drastically! Well, with the Power air fryer all of that can be a distant history. With it, you can cook fries and chicken nuggets and include them in your healthy daily diet. Why? Because it maintains the same delicious and rich taste and it eliminates the negative effects of fried food!

power air fryer review


This appliance weighs around 5.8 pounds and it has dimensions of 14×13.9×8 inches. However, with it you will be able to cook food which can serve around 6 plates. Amongst the other great features, we have to mention that it uses around 1700 watts. This, of course, is an excellent amount of energy you would need for the cooking.

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Moreover, this fryer was made for the convenience of the users which is why it is very easy to use. The buttons are placed in a very simple and easy to understand way and it isn’t a problem to operate it. The buttons include a power button which is centered, controls for the time and the temperature and the pre-set button.

Benefits of having the Power Air Fryer XL

One of the greatest and most surprising benefits of obtaining a Power Air fryer XL is the fact that it knows almost no limitations. Namely, you can use this one to grill, fry or roast your food. This, of course, makes it very convenient and helpful. Also, compared to other air fryers or the traditional way of cooking, it is super-easy to clean it. It is quite simple actually. All you need to do is disassemble the parts, scrub them off the big parts and put them in a dishwasher. The fact that it is dishwasher safe means that it saves a lot of time and energy and time. On the subject of cleaning, it is important to note that it has a cover for the food and it makes sure that there is no splash at all!

An additional benefit, of course, is the health factor. Regardless of your reasons for eating healthy – losing weight or being self-conscious, this product will come in quite handy for you. It is amazing because it doesn’t require adding oil to it in order to cook fries or meat. Also, it reduces the fat content of the food which is an amazing benefit!

Things you should know about the Power air fryer XL

It is very important to know several things about this appliance before purchasing it. Firstly, it doesn’t have the great capacity you would have in a big frying pan and it offers quite limited cooking space. So, if you have a lot of visitors at your place and you want to amaze them with your new kitchen-precious, consider this and start cooking a bit earlier.

Also, it is essential to wear gloves when you take away food from it. Air fryers can cause burns on the hands if you don’t wear the proper clothes. Subsequently, make sure that kids are kept away from it.

Although it is small, it is quite dense and it is recommended to put it on a firm and sturdy countertop.

power airfryer xl review


We already mentioned that this is a very strong and helpful air fryer and here we are going to talk about how this appliance works. It can heat the air up to 400 degrees Celsius. Basically, this means that in it, you can practically cook everything – chips, chicken, fish, pastries, and whatnot.

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Also, it has an ability to cook up to seven types of fast foods. All you need to do is set it to cook the meal you’ve put in the chamber and choose from the seven programs which are pre-set and available to you. Moreover, another great thing about it is the fact that it has a timer. This is the feature that shuts off the fryer and makes sure you don’t overcook your delicious meal.

The cooking chamber

The radiator which lets out heat for the food is inside the cooking chamber. Also, there is an exhaust fan which works subsequently with the radiator and it releases all the air that is necessary. The air we are mentioning makes sure that there is heat flowing continuously to the food in a regular manner.

The air which is hot goes through the food quickly which is why the food requires a few minutes to be completely ready.

power airfryer review

The cooling system

From the first time you use it, you will notice that the Power air fryer XL gets quite hot. However, this appliance is equipped with a cooling system which makes sure that all the internal parts get cooled. Also, it has a fan which is attached to the motor axis and it does the job perfectly. This way, the air goes from the top of the appliance to the bottom of it.


If you want to change your lifestyle or if you just want to treat yourself and your family better by bringing healthier food to the table and having a cleaner kitchen, this fryer is what you need to purchase next. It will save you a lot of trouble, time and nerves and it will also be great for your health.



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