How To Separate Eggs Easily And Quickly

How To Separate Eggs Easily And Quickly

An Easy Method For How To Separate Eggs

Ever wanted to make Crème Brulee, baked custard tart or Crème Anglaise but don’t know how to separate eggs by hand? You might not have a handy gadget like this?

We’re going to explain how to separate yolks from whites and also give you a quick recipe for Crème Anglaise.

That pale yellow yolk of an egg is a very delicate thing, and separating it from the white can be challenging. Forget using fancy tools or tossing the egg yolk between shells with sharp edges. The best, fail-proof way to separate an egg is with your hands.

The method is super easy to do:

  1. Crack the egg in a bowl and throw away the shell.
  2. Put your fingers inside the bowl and cup them under the egg yolk
  3. Hold your fingers loosely (leaving a small space between them) and then lift the yolk of the egg out of the bowl.

The whites are going to stream through your fingers and go back into the bowl, so you will be left with only the yolk in your hand. Put the yolk inside a new bowl and transfer the egg white into a different bowl.

There are many reasons why it’s good to separate eggs using this method. For one, your fingers are soft and blunt.  There are no pointed edges that can break or snag the yolk. However, you need to be very careful if you keep long fingernails! Moreover, your fingers are more sensitive than any other egg-separating tool, so you can feel how carefully you need to handle the yolk. If you want to separate many eggs, you can also do it more quickly – just crack the egg open, scoop, and that is it.

Although separating an egg this way may feel a bit gross and makes your hands dirty, you are less likely to break an egg yolk with this method. Do you agree? Or would you like to use another method?

How To Make Custard

Also known as Crème Anglaise, this is an easy recipe for delicious pouring custard for your desserts. Forget the store bought products, enjoy the beautiful, tasty homemade version.

350ml of milk
2 egg yolks
25g of sugar
1 vanilla pod



  1. Add one vanilla pod into the milk in a pan set over low to medium heat. Simply let this heat until it is just beginning to simmer.
  2. Leave this to stand and this will help enhance the flavor as the vanilla pod infuses.
  3. Mix the sugar and egg yolks in a bowl. Use either a wooden spoon or whisk to do this.
  4. Slowly add the slightly warm milk into the bowl.Crème Anglaise
  5.  Using a clean pan pour into this and reheat, very gently over low heat. Whisk or use a wooden spoon to stir constantly. If you do this too quickly or at a high temperature, you’ll end up with scrambled egg consistency.
  6. Once the mixture has thickened, so it coats the back of the wooden spoon, it’s ready.
  7. You can strain this if you prefer or serve straight away.
baked bread pudding with freshly made custard
baked bread pudding with freshly made custard