The Best Stick Blender For Soap Making

Is this the best product for soap making?

I like making soap and I am wondering if the  KitchenAid KHB2351 2 speed hand blender is a good choice? What do you know about this stick blender for soap making? Well, we put this and the  CSB-179 to the test. I wanted a product that was not too expensive. It needed to be sturdy enough though to be able to cope with the task. Would the $40 or so difference in price at the time of writing, justify the difference in quality?

KitchenAid KHB2351

This product includes a whisk, a chopper and a beater. It has two speeds, so it can handle heavy mixing or lighter tasks. This stick blender for soap making is dishwasher safe. The whisk is the perfect size to fit in narrow containers. It comes with easy grip handles which help to keep control of the tool during use. However, there were some complaints that it doesn’t come with accessories such as jars, but most customers were satisfied with this product and I don’t think that it should be a deal breaker.


This hand blender is very versatile as you can use the whisk to blend soft items such as eggs or cream or you can use the chopper to chop vegetables like onions, shallots and bacon. The manufacturer offers three years warranty for this product. It has a powerful motor and many useful attachments. Most customers were pleased with their purchase and they recommend this unit as good value for money. The appliance may not look sophisticated but it does exactly what it was designed for and it makes your life easier in the kitchen. I think that this KitchenAid KHB2351 2 speed hand blender is one of the best choices when it comes to buying a kitchen tool for making soap.

What do you think about the KitchenAid KHB2351  2 speed hand blender? Is it worth buying or you would prefer to look for another model?

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Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender

This Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender is the second model we look at. This is a more expensive product but it has several features which were requested by customers who bought the first unit.

Cuisinart CSB-179

The blade of this hand blender is made of stainless steel and you can use it to mix, puree, blend or emulsify food in less than 30 seconds. It comes with two speeds so you can select low speed when making mayonnaise or whipped cream or if you need high speed for chunky soups or smoothies. The appliance comes with a safety lock system which means that you will turn off the motor once the blending process finishes. You will also get a chopper accessory with this unit and there are two interchangeable blades included in your purchase. This hand blender is powerful and easy to use. However, this unit is pricey so if you can’t afford it then KitchenAid KHB2351 will do a great job too.

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What do you think about the Cuisinart CSB-179? Is it worth buying or you would prefer to look for another model?

CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender

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