Which Is The Best Vodka For Moscow Mule Cocktails?

A Little History.

A Moscow Mule is a cocktail that has ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice. It was first served in the United States by Smirnoff’s American importer John G. Martin at the Cock ‘N Bull restaurant in Hollywood, California on November 16th 1948. Originally made with copper cups to avoid “metal taste,” it usually contains around four parts vodka to two parts each of ginger beer and fresh lime juice. The drink became popular outside the U.S., especially in Canada where it is often referred to as a “Canadian mule.” In this article, we will be discussing which best vodkas for Moscow Mule cocktails are available. We’ve also got a couple of gift idea suggestions for your very own Mule Mixology Sets;

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The Best Vodka For Moscow Mule Revealed.

Moscow Mule cocktails are a popular drink, but which is the best vodka for this cocktail? The answer to that question may depend on who you ask. Some people prefer rye whiskey or gin in their Moscow Mules. Others might like the Vodka more because it goes well with ginger beer and lime juice. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of each type of liquor so you can decide what kind best suits your tastes! We started off with 12 different brands, we narrowed this down to 6. Next, we then picked out our top 4. Our criteria was we looked at price, taste and also factored in the visible appeal of the branding.

Some people feel strongly about using vodka over other types of liquor when making these drinks due to its clean taste and how easy it is to mix into drinks without altering the flavor too much. However, others say that they enjoy drinking an old fashioned or Manhattan better with a rye whiskey as opposed to the Moscow Mule. This is because the rye whiskey gives the drink more of a spicy kick.


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This is a popular vodka that many will choose to use in their drink.

It has a clean taste, which is good for people who don’t want the flavor of the vodka dominating their cocktail. It also mixes well with ginger beer and lime juice so it won’t alter the flavors too much either.

Grey Goose comes from France where they make it by hand using only natural spring water and sugar cane alcohol but because of this process, Grey Goose Vodka costs more than some other vodkas on the market today such as Smirnoff or Absolut.

It tastes best served with ice cubes at around 0 degrees Fahrenheit (32°F). One thing you should know though before trying out this type of vodka is that if you add any


Another popular choice for people who like a slightly more robust taste and the best vodka for Moscow Mule is KETEL ONE.

It has a higher alcohol content, which means that it will have better flavor but because of this, you want to make sure to mix it with something else such as lemon juice or cranberry juice in order to balance out the flavors.

One neat thing about KETEL ONE is that they use 100% imported wheat from France’s Champagne region so while it may be pricier than other brands, you know what type of quality you are getting when drinking this particular brand of vodka.

Ketel One also offers different types of flavored vodkas if you’re looking for an even more intense flavor profile.


The price of this vodka is more on the expensive side, but if you are looking for a vodka that has a very unique flavor profile then this may be something to consider.

Crystal Head offers different flavored vodkas as well which can help make your Moscow Mule cocktail taste even better than it already does!

CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA AURORA comes from Newfoundland’s North Shore and uses only natural ingredients in their production process to create the best tasting spirit possible.

This particular brand of vodka also boasts an incredibly smooth finish that will leave you refreshed after each sip without leaving any burning sensation like other brands do (and trust me I’ve tried them all).

There’s no need to drink watered down drinks with Crystal Head, thanks mainly to the filtration process that they use to remove impurities.

This is a vodka brand worth trying, and one you will not regret!

Crystal Head Vodka Aurora has some of the best tasting vodkas in North America which makes it perfect for adding to your cocktail recipes. Crystal Head offers an array of flavors so you can find something just right for what mood you are in or what flavor profile might work well with any other ingredients that may be added into your Moscow Mule cocktail too. There’s no need to drink watered down drinks when using this particular product because as mentioned earlier, their filters eliminate all impurities which allow this spirit to maintain its purest form possible without leaving anything behind but a wonderfully clean taste on the palette.


The final brand we looked at is CARBONADI. Their unprocessed vodka is GMO free, NON-GMO and gluten free which means that it can be used in a number of different ways without worrying about any potential reactions or side effects from consuming this particular product. It is certified kosher by OU Kosher so those who follow strict religious dietary guidelines will have no worries when choosing to drink from this brand as well.

There are many other brands on the market that offer these qualities but CARBONADI has earned its way into our top three because they place their quality control process at such a high level making them stand out head and shoulders above some others in the industry today!

Purity Vodka is best for Moscow Mules because it was able to be enjoyed by a range of people with different dietary restrictions as well as for those who are more health conscious.

The best vodka to use in Moscow Mules is Purity Vodka because it can be enjoyed by all.

As such, this makes Carbonadi the best choice if you’re looking for premium quality that will taste like pure heaven when mixed up into your favorite cocktail recipe! This also means they can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people without worrying about any potential side effects from consuming them which is one major drawcard for many customers today. Another reason why we think their products are worth trying out at least once would be due to how much care goes into making sure every batch tastes just right before being bottled.

best vodka for moscow mule

Other Brands We Looked At

We also tried out another couple of brands, but these didn’t make our top 4.


Possibly the best known brand. Very popular with people looking for a slightly sweeter taste.


Another great tasting product, but not quite as premium quality.

The Best Vodka For Mixing Cocktails? Carbonadi has got it hands down! Carbonadi Premium “Gold” Vodka was one of our Top Picks due to how smooth they are when mixed into cocktails and also because they make eye catching bottles.


We’ve narrowed it down to 4 contenders, but you can make the final call on this one. Happy mixing!

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